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Wand By We-Vibe

By Peter Priest April 08, 2020 0 comments

We are really excited to be bringing to you this particular product. It has the most amazing features to make your experience with it perfectly stimulating and fun. Get ready to enjoy a whole new level of adult pleasure with the all new Wand by We-Vibe.
The first thing you are going to love about it is the silkiest, smoothest silicone that encases the Wand. The feel of the silicone alone gives you pleasure (or that could just be us). And of course to make sure that it is completely safe for your body the silicone is free from BPA'S, phthalates and latex.
The buttons are another feature that is different to others. You have your standard buttons to turn on and change vibration patterns. But the intensity control is like a light switch of sorts. Think dimmer switch. By moving the switch forward and backward you have complete seamless control over your intensity levels without having to press a button over and over again. 
The head of the Wand is a universal size. Meaning that if you have other attachments that you would like to use with it you can. Perfect if you have a favourite.
But the Wand comes with two attachments already so you will be ready to go. Of course you can use it without them. but hey, you need variety right?
The first attachment is for her. A round sleeve that fits snuggly over the head of the Wand it has tongues around the outside that flicker and vibrate to give you even more pleasure.
The second attachment is for him, because he needs to have fun with this product too. His attachment is a stroker that again slips over the head of the Wand. He simply places his penis in the attachment. The vibration from the Wand will give him a new experience that he is going to love.
Now here is a really amazing feature on the Wand. It is what they call Smart Silence. What this means is that the Wand can sense when it is close to your body and will start vibrating. When it is pulled away from your body the vibration stops. A handy feature to have indeed i would say. 
And because We-Vibe are moving with the times. 
There is an app for that!
Yes there is. It is call We-Connect. It is a free app that you can download to add extra fun to your new toy. Control the vibrations from the app or create your own. There really is so much you can do with the Wand.
Some specs for you that we have not covered yet.
Wand has 10+ rumply vibrations. You will have a lot of fun finding your favourite.
The Wand is also waterproof.
The ergonomic design means that it is easy to hold and adjust, curving gently for the perfect angle and control, with a flexible head that moves with you.
It is rechargeable. A USB cable with magnetic connection to the Wand. No need to worry about having Wand plugged in.
Low power alert lets you know when you need to charge the Wand so it will always be ready to go when you are.
Superior Security. The bluetooth bonding prevents other signals from disrupting your connection.
We know you are going to love the wand. It is truly an incredible design that has features to make your experience an amazingly enjoyable one.


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