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We-Vibe Chorus

By Peter Priest April 06, 2020 0 comments

Randy's Adult World always tries to bring you the best and latest products from the adult toy industry. And we know from our satisfied customers that we are doing a great job of providing quality products. And with the new addition of the latest toys from We-Vibe , we know that our customers will continue to be satisfied. So let us introduce you to one of the newest products on the market that our customers have been asking for.
    Introducing the We-Vibe Chorus                 
You are probably thinking it looks very familiar. And you are right. The Chorus is the same design as the already massively popular We-Vibe Sync. But the Chorus has some new and improved features as well as some new ways to play.
The most intuitive couples vibrator ever - with an adjustable fit, touch responsive controls and hands free vibrations that take sex to the next level.
Chorus can be customised to fit your unique body so you feel the vibrations right where you want them. The shape of the Chorus means it is easy to adjust and stays in position once you have found the perfect fit for you and your partner.
The most exciting new feature of the Chorus is the remote. Sounds odd i know but the remote is an integral part of this product. Not only does it have buttons to control the vibration speeds and patterns but you can squeeze the remote.
Because sometimes when you are in the throes of passion you don't want to think about hitting the right button. So by  squeezing the remote you can actually intensify the vibrations. Giving you complete control over what you want when you want it. The harder you squeeze the more vibration you get. The softer you squeeze the less the vibration. 
How amazing is that.
And just because they could they have also added responsive control.
Chorus' Responsive controls means every couple can find their vibe. Touch sense lets you control Chorus' vibrations with your movements. When you touch or move against the sensor, the vibration level changes.
The advancements in the adult toy industry are definitely improving the way we enjoy ourselves.
And on we go with more features.
We Connect is an app, yes an app, that you can also use to control you favourite new toy. With the free app you can play and share control of Chorus from anywhere. You can create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe products.Vibe to music with beat mode or use touch mode for real time control at your finger tips.
Now a bit about specs
Chorus features 10 rumbly powerful vibration modes
Dual stimulation
Low power alert
 Waterproof and rechargeable
90 min charge time
 90 min play time
Made from body safe soft silicone free from BPA and phthalates.
It also has a discreet case for charging,storage and travel. 
This really is the toy that has it all. We are so happy to have these in store and online and can not wait to hear how much our customers love them.

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