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Pillow Talk

By Peter Priest April 18, 2020 0 comments

Pillow Talk is a name associated with Luxury, Elegance and power. Randys is happy to be bringing you these products in store and online. They have become a favourite product with our customers and with our staff. Pillow Talk deliver an experience that will always bring you pleasure. Today we are going to tell you about three of the products in this range. 
Let's start with Sassy
Sassy is the very best of luxury G spot stimulators. The soft flexible shaft helps it to move with the contours of you body while the pronounced tip gives your G spot optimal pleasure.
The cushion textured handle makes it a dream to hole in your hand and it is simple to use with the one touch button on the base. The button features a real Swarovski crystal for added style.
Incremental speed control
Travel lock
Soft smooth silicone finish
1.5 hour charge time
2.5 hour run time
Next in our featured products is Cheeky
Cheeky is a wand style vibrator that boasts power, beauty and fun. The domed head is perfect for getting the vibration right where you need it.  The button is  positioned for easy use and the cushion texture on the handle give you a comfortable grip. One quick press of the Swarovski crystal button will turn Cheeky on. And when you hold the button down you increase it's power.
Soft smooth silicone finish
Flexible neck
Travel lock
2.5 hour charge time
2.5 hour run time
Whisper Quiet
And now we have Frisky
Frisky is a set of kegel balls designed for the tightening of the kegel muscles but also for pleasure.
Made with the super soft smooth silicone that is features on all the Pillow Talk range these balls feel as good as they look. A small weighted internal ball is inside. This will create a rocking motion with your body's movements. Creating pleasure as you walk around.
The cushion texture provides extra stimulation and the silicon retrieval cord makes them easy to remove.
Smooth silicone finish
Weighted for muscle tightening
Internal balls for stimulation
Easy to clean
If you have not already go and check out the first Pillow Talk blog that features 3 different products. This range is a favourite of ours and soon will be yours.


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