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Pillow Talk

By Peter Priest April 16, 2020 0 comments

We at Randy's will always try to bring you the very best of products both in our stores and online. This means that we have a large range of products to suit everyone. And with our Pillow Talk range we are sure that you will find something that you will find exciting and pleasurable. We have 6 of the pillow talk products available for you. Today we are going to feature 3 of them.
So let's start with the Pillow Talk Flirty
Do not let it's prettiness fool you. This is one amazingly powerful little bullet. Flirty is soft and and has a flexible design that promotes playful exploration while it's compact size means you can take Flirty with you wherever you go. Though it is small in size it packs powerful vibration that even the most experienced will find pleasure in.
The handle has a padded cushion texture making Flirty a joy to have in your fingers. And the real Swarovski crystal button, featured on the entire range,  just extends the luxury of this product.
The deep rumbly vibration are controlled by pressing and holding the button.The longer you hold it the more intense the vibrations. It also features a travel lock with you activate by giving the button 3 quick presses. A brilliant feature if you are travelling.
Super silky high grade silicone finish
Incremental speed control
1 hour charge time
3 hour run time
For clitoral stimulation you can not go wrong with Flirty
Next is Kinky
Kinky is one of the newer adds to this collection and has been massively popular.With Kinky you will feel like royalty because nothing to treat you better and please you more than this beauty.
The flexible clitoral arm feature crown like tips that will deliver waves of pin point pleasure to your most sensitive areas.
The elegantly arched body is designed to perfectly target the G spot with gracefully contoured lines on either side of the shaft for additional stimulation.
With a motor in the shaft and in the clitoral arm the deep rumbly vibrations are exactly where you need them.
The stylish cushioned texture on the handle allows for a comfortable grip. Not only is this range designed for pleasure but it has comfort in mind as well.
2 Vibrating motors
Super smooth silicone finish
Travel lock
3 hours charge time 
Up to 1.3 hours playtime
Time for Sultry
Sultry is a toy that has a little bit of everything in one amazing unit.
It looks very similar to a wand. And yes it is a wand but it is also an internal vibrator. This incredible toy is double ended.
Sultry is the ultimate multi use wand for those looking for a completely different experience. The smooth rounded head provides powerful vibrations while the tapered insertable handle rotates for incredible G spot stimulation. The rotating shaft also offers a premium warming feature for added comfort and realism.
2 Independent motors
Warming shaft
360 degree rotating function
Flexible neck
2.5 hour charge time
1.5 hour run time
With these 3 toys you have got all your pleasure spots covered but remember there are 3 more toys available. Which will featured in the next blog. 
All the toys either come in the teal or the pink. Even though they look pretty and girly they deliver stimulation like you have never felt before.



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