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nu Sensuelle Femme Giselle

By Peter Priest April 20, 2020 0 comments

Today we are going to tell you all about the nu Sensuelle Femme Giselle. You have no doubt seen many many rabbit style vibrators that were made famous by the tv show Sex and the City. This style has been popular for many years and with good reason. The rabbit is designed to stimulate you in all the right places. With so many on the market they can become repetitive so it is up to the designers to come up with new and exciting way to make their rabbit stand out. We think Sensuelle has done this with their Giselle.
So lets take a closer look at it
At first glance it does look like your standard rabbit. But it's unique features are hidden inside.
Let me tell you about the Bunny first. The Bunny is a flexible soft silicone clitoral arm with flickering ears. Inside is a powerful vibrating motor that has 10 different vibration functions. It features steady vibration, 4 different speeds, escalation and pulsation ranging from slow pulsing to ultra fast pulsing. The Bunny is controlled by the V button on the vibrators control panel. One quick press will turn it on and the each quick press after will take you through each vibration mode.
When the Bunny is operating a light behind the panel glows green.
The thing that is unique about this rabbit is the tip. The shaft and tip are ergonomically designed to follow your body's natural curves. Inside the tip is a ball shaped stimulator that moves up and down the tip gently massaging you G Spot. The ball massager has 3 speeds, low, medium and high. The ball massager is controlled by the M button on the vibrators control panel. One quick press will turn it on. Press again to go through the different speeds.
When the rolling ball is operating the light behind the panel glows red.
The great thing about having two motor controlled by two buttons is that you can run each feature independently of each other. If you want you can just have the rabbit vibrating or just have the rolling ball operating. Of course for ultimate pleasure run them both at the same time.
Play around with the vibrations and rolling ball until you find the perfect combination. 
To turn off the functions press and hold the button for 2 seconds and it will power off.
Keeping you Giselle powered up is a breeze. It is rechargeable. Charging takes place on the bottom of the vibrator.
Place the pin charger into the hole on the bottom and the plug it into a power source. The cord is a USB so can be plugged into any USB port. When it is charging the light on the control panel will flash red. It will stop flashing once it is fully charged. 
To get a full charge it needs to be plugged in for about 4 hours. It is recommended that when you purchase your Giselle you charge it for 2 hours as it will have a little power in it already. You will also need to make sure your charge it on a regular basis. Every 1-2 months is recommended to protect the life of the battery.
Once fully charged you will have around 60 minutes of play time. This is more than you are going to need, believe me.
Sensuelle have added another amazing feature to their toys. They have made them 100% waterproof. Most toys on the market say they are waterproof, but this usually means splash proof. Sensuelle have gone a step further and have made their products submersible.
Take it in the bath or shower enhancing your pleasurable experience.
Giselle is made with ultra smooth, silky high grade silicone. It is an absolute dream to touch,heightening your pleasure.
It is easy to clean as well. You can either wash it using warm soapy water or use a toy cleaner.
If you are going to use a lubricant with this product you must always make sure that you use a water based one. Silicone based lubes are not safe to use with silicone based products. It causes a chemical reaction that has a melting type effect on the product. So remember always WATER based lube.
What's in the box
When you purchase Giselle you will have in your box 
nu Sensuelle storage pouch to keep your Giselle dust free and safe from prying eyes.
USB charging cord
Instruction Manual
We think you need to add Giselle to your collection or to start it. It is a truly unique product that is going to make your play sessions a pleasurable and stimulating experience.


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