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Moxie by We-Vibe

By Peter Priest April 10, 2020 0 comments

Moxie is one of the newest products available from We-Vibe and just like all their other products it impresses with its technology, ease of use and the quality of materials used to create this awesome product. This is their variation of the ever popular pleasure panty or vibrating panty as it is sometimes called. But We-Vibe has taken it a step further as they are always improving their designs and concepts.
Moxie turns any panty into a pleasure one.
And pleasure it will.
The perfectly contoured shape will fit with the curve of your body and the silky smooth silicone feels incredible. The silicone is body safe made free from BPA'S, phthalates and latex.
It attaches to your panty with a strong non slip magnets so that you can be sure that it stays in place right where you need it to be.
Take it with you on date night with your partner and you can both have a lot of fun. It is whisper quiet too so no one is going to know what you are up to.
Now for this you can use the remote control that comes with the Moxie or you can use your phone and the app.
Because there is an app for everything these days and We-Vibe likes to make sure they can give you the full advantage of technology.
The app, called We-Connect, is free and easy to use. You can control the vibration patterns and intensity with a swipe of your fingers on the screen and, added bonus, you can create your own vibration patterns. Giving you complete control over your experience with the Moxie.
Moxie also has an extended sleep mode. Meaning that if you stop using Moxie for longer than 30 minutes it will go into sleep mode to preserve battery life. Not many adult products offer that feature.
Some specs for you now
Moxie has 10+ rumbly vibration patterns
Bluetooth security. Bluetooth bonding provides advanced security so that you can be sure that your connection is never disrupted by another signal.
Moxie is waterproof making it easy to enjoy anywhere and easy to clean.
Also rechargeable. You do not have to worry about batteries. Moxie will give you 2 hours of continuous play from a single charge.
If you have never tried a toy like this before we think it is about time you did. There is nothing more exciting than a new toy, so why not start with something truly amazing.

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