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Nu Sensuelle Bobbii

By Peter Priest May 01, 2020 0 comments

Nu Sensuelle is one of the many brands that we at Randys are proud to have in our stores. We have a wide selection of the range that Sensuelle has to offer. Each one providing it's own unique experience and array of sensations that will delight you to the heights of your pleasure. And pleasure is what you are going to find in the Sensuelle Bobbii. Compact in size but huge in power and functions.
Introducing Bobbii
Measuring about 13cm from end to tip the amount of power that is packed into this little unit will surprise you. Proving once and for all that size does NOT matter!
The thing that makes Bobbii stand out from the rest of it's counterparts is the amount of functions that it has to offer.
Bobbii features a staggering 69 vibrating functions. 
The first 7 functions are incremental steady speeds. Even the first speed is powerful. So going up to the seventh is fabulously intense. After the fist seven you then have 62 pulsating and escalating vibrations. Yes this is a lot of patterns, but hey who doesn't love variety right?
You could try out a new function every week for over a year. Talk about a toy you are not going to get bored with.
The silicone that Bobbii is covered with is one of the smoothest, silkiest materials ever felt. This also adds to the pleasure that you are going to feel.
The shape is another unique feature. Slowly tapering to a point at the top it will give you pin point accuracy. Getting those vibrations right where you want them.
Control is easy with the silicone button located on the bottom. Press and hold to turn it on. with each quick press you will cycle through each of the functions. To turn it off just press and hold again.
As with most of the Sensuelle range Bobbii is also rechargeable. This is done by the use of a pin charging cable. The charging hole is located at the bottom of Bobbii. Just plug in the pin and the plug the cord into any USB port.
It can be plugged into a computer to charge but is charged faster when plugged into a wall.
To get a full charge it will need to be plugged in for about 2 hours. This will give you a total play time of about 1 hour. Depending on which functions you use.
When it is charging Bobbii has a small flashing light. This light stops flashing when it is fully charged.
It is recommended that you charge it regularly. About every 1-2 months to protect the life of the battery.
Bobbii is fully waterproof and is actually submersible. Have a lot more fun in the bath or shower.
Cleaning is simple. You can either use a toy cleaner or use warm soapy water.
When finished with cleaning always store Bobbii in a storage pouch or in the original packaging to keep it safe and dust free.
What do you get in the box?
Bobbii in the choice of pink or magenta
USB charging cable
Instruction booklet
Nu Sensuelle storage pouch
We think you should give Bobbii a go. It is one of the best in the Nu Sensuelle range.


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