Shee Wee Portable

Product Description

This Pez female shee wee urinal by Lady Elegance allows women to perform urination in a standing position. Great for camping, Concerts anywhere that is likely to have gross bathrooms The device is deigned to fit securely, and comfortably, against the body and includes a splash guard to eliminate mess. With this handy little device, you will never have to worry about a filthy public toilet again. Great for camping, Concerts,festivals, anywhere that is likely to have gross bathrooms. Go anywhere anytime-Reusable

Clean Flow Female Urination Device Specs and Benefits:
•Size: Total length: 6.25 inches; Spout: 3.5 inches in length and approximately 0.75 inches in diameter; Cup: 1.65 inches inner diameter at widest point, 2.85 inches inner length
•Material: Soft flexible silicone 
•Colour: Purple
•Fits securely, and comfortably, against the body
•Has a splash guard to help eliminate mess


$9.99 $14.99

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