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Randy's Adult World has a 30 day replacement policy for faulty products due to their manufacture. This does not apply to faults that result from misuse.
We will not replace products due to change of mind, that do not live up to your expectation or that do not " do it for you".

Please observe the following before concluding that your product is faulty.

- Replace batteries and recheck

- Ensure you have the batteries in correctly - this is the most common cause of malfunction.

- Make sure the battery cap is firmly closed! (Especially for waterproof products)

- Check battery contacts, springs sometimes can compress - extend them a little.

- Check for corrosion on the battery contacts (a greenish build up on the metal contact)

- For rechargeable products ensure the product is fully charged

If, you are satisfied after checking all the above points, your toy is still not working, we will gladly inspect and if found to be faulty we will replace it. Please contact us with details of your purchase. Lingerie & footwear warrants a 7 days from date of purchase return. Should this product prove to be defective during this time, Randy's adult world will, on proof of purchase, repair or replace the product with the same or similar product at its sole discretion.

All return shipping costs will be at the expense of the customer
Do Not return any product without obtaining a return authorisation number from our customer service team.