Womanizer Pro W500 - White

Product Description
Womanizer Pro has arrived, In the classy new white colour. now with eight new levels of intensity ranging from super-soft to super-power, promising full-body, mind-blowing, multiple orgasms!
The new womanizer Pro is a special edition - quieter, easier & more comfortable to hold and even more satisfying! It sucks and stimulates through impulses. The impulses have 8 intensity levels that are adjusted at the push of a button. There is an attachable stimulator for the contact-free stimulation of the clitoris. Over-stimulation of the clitoris becomes a thing of the past. Orgasms in a previously unexperienced manner and strength - any number of times. 
Many women experience an absolutely new orgasm feeling. The womanizer® technology and mode of operation has nothing to do with a vibrator, the gentlest and yet most powerful stimulator on the world market.
$249.99 $299.00

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