Womanizer Pro W500 Magenta

Product Description

The Womanizer Pro magenta pink, has been improved in this second edition in both functionality and ergonomically. The Womanizer Pro has been superbly crafted to lie in your hand with a luxurious and sophisticated new look.

The control modes now have 8 levels of intensity allowing for a gentle introduction, through to a more intensive level of stimulation, sending wave after wave of pure ecstasy, causing absolute loss of control, making you shiver and quiver in orgasmic bliss! 

Compact and even quieter than its predecessor, The Womanizer Pro is beautifully designed in the majenta pink colour scheme, with a stunning Swarovski crystal for the on/off button and the intensity controlled by a +/- rocker switch. This new model comes with a second and larger therapy head for women who have a larger clitoris, which is important for stimulation without direct contact through the revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology.

Conveniently rechargeable, the Womanizer Pro lets you know its charge level by lighting up  the entire therapy head, ensuring that you will never to be without for your passionate pleasure time.
How do you use the Womanizer Pro
 Slightly spread apart your labia to expose the clitoris then position the silicone head over the clitoris and apply gentle pressure which will then be lightly sucked in to allow pulsating pressure waves to stimulate through your sensitive love bud, without any touch!
Once you have discovered the ideal position, do not move the Womanizer Pro! You will instantly feel an unprecedented experience of lust, jewelled with overwhelming and powerful orgasms.

 The Womanizer has been extensively tested by females aged between 20 and 60.
See below the outstanding results:
73% experienced a multiple orgasm
76% experienced an exceptionally intense orgasm
63% sensed an entirely new sexual experience
98% wanted to own a womanizer
100% evaluated the womanizer to be absolutely unique

$249.99 $299.00

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