Uphoria pink

Product Description

The Uphoria Wonder Massager in pink is a unique vibe that can stimulate all your erogenous zones, boys and girls.

Unisex Stimulator this wonder massager is for girls, guys and couples. You can use it in all your right places and if you like to share you can use it on your partner’s right places as well.

For the Girls play with the wonder massager where-ever you want to. Clitoral stimulation internal pleasure anal exploration and nipple teasing.

For the Boys enjoy the wonders of prostate, genital and anal stimulation with the Uphoria. Play around with it and get the feel of this cool and unique silicone adult toy.

Dual Motor with 10 Speeds a motor in both tips makes for pure power no matter how and where you use it on your body. 10 speeds gives you a whole lot to enjoy as well.

Silicone Material silky smooth and a pleasure to play with.

Flexible Design this way you can move it around to get the right shape for the play zone you want. Explore with the great design and have some fun.

USB Rechargeable no batteries required. Just remember to charge it up every now and again and you will have a toy that will last you many happy endings.


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