RingO's single cockring

Product Description
RingO Cock Ring (single). This ring will help to give you a longer lasting erection with the benefit of stronger orgasms too. Strong and durable, made of hygienically superior silicone material.
Sexual Tips and How to Use: Slip a small amount of lubricant inside the silicone ring to help the ring come on and off without pulling at the skin. Slide the cock ring to the base of the penis (you can also put it around the testicles for added sensation and a snugger fit).
Cleaning Advice: Clean this toy using warm water and a gentle antibacterial soap or toy cleaner.
Storage Advice: Store this toy in its own bag or container to help keep dust away.
Safety Instructions: Do not leave this ring on for longer then 30 minutes. Any longer and you can reduce blood flow and cause discomfort and sometimes damage to the sensitive tissues. 

Comes in assorted colors.

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