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The OVO S1 is a cheeky little clitoral vibe with a sleek and sexy look. Measuring in at 9cm in length and 3cm in girth at its widest point, the S1 is compact enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Its elegant look is part of its exquisite design, and the quality is unprecedented.A PassionZone favourite.

The device itself looks almost like a metallic egg, capped with a fantastic fluttering end that feels intense and delightful against the skin. While the vibrating end can be used to massage many sensitive spots across the body, its primary use is as a mind-blowing clitoral stimulator.

This small device is powerful and precise. The buzzing motor and flickering end combine together to summon powerful orgasms at just the push of a button. With 7 built in programs, there’s enough to keep you busy all night. The size makes it easy to grip and hold in one hand, while you angle and adjust the flickering end so as to achieve fantastic clit flicking pleasure. The OVO S1’s size also makes it handy to use during sex, as you –or your lover- can hold it against sensitive nips and clits during penetration, to create a whole body experience. The S1 can be used with a huge range of toy-friendly water based lubricants, including the warming, tingling and cooling varieties which can make clitoral play an orgasmic experience.

The S1 is showerproof and waterproof, so it is perfect to play with in the shower! You won’t need the sound of running water to cover anything though, as this OVO toy is whisper quiet and ideal for some soft, secretive pleasure while the rest of the world is busy buzzing around outside. The compact size and discreet look make it ideal for travelling with, however the box is so stylish that you’ll probably just keep it there!

The OVO S1 is fully rechargeable and comes with a USB charger for easy charging. Just plug the end in the small charger connection at the rounded end to start charging, and the USB end can easily plug into a laptop, computer, or wall-mounted USB charger.  The lithium-ion batteries included in the S1 have a long life and will ensure the power of this stimulator even after plenty of regular use. The piece itself is made from 100% body safe materials. Made from lead-free, phthalate free silicone, the S1 is built to ensure that you have a fun, hygienic experience every time.

Amazingly, the OVO S1 comes with a massive 15 Year Warranty. Make sure you keep your OVO details in the box so as to ensure that if something should happen to your new toy, you can easily have it up and running again in no time. 

$63.75 $84.99

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