Je Joue Uma

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Purple Only
Uma makes an ideal first toy for internal, external or G-spot pleasure.

This tapered vibrator has five pulsation levels and patterns. from softest purr to low intense rumble, that let you discover your perfect combination. While its gently graduating form is crafted to follow your curves and reach all the right places.

Uma’s sleek shape allows for a great introduction to your body’s natural curves, whether externally or internally.

Thanks to its length and form, Uma is easy to use as a clitoral vibrator during sex, especially when your sweet spot is in a hard-to-reach position.

Uma is suited to boundless stimulation, use the tip to tease, fit the toy against your labial area, or turn its curvaceous form to create wonderfully different sensations. You can even take Uma for a tour all over your, or your partner’s, body.

With five pulsation levels and five pulsation patterns, from softest purr to low intense rumble, Uma provides plenty of varied options to enrich your pleasure.

We advise using water-based lubrication with all our toys, for a perfectly smooth experience.

$74.99 $139.00

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