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The G Vibe is an extremely popular adult toys and it may be because of the unique shape that provides the thrills but it also could be the incredible features and how you can use them. The G Vibe Mini is perfect for anyone who may prefer a smaller version or just something a little more compact.

Unique Designed Vibrator not like most vibes this one is definitely different and can be used in so many different ways, including uses for girls and guys. With the special design you can move the tips to the exact position you want to play in with ease and comfort.

6 Vibration Modes with Adjustable Intensity in both tips as there are 2 motors to drive you to the O and back. Easy to use controls allows you to select any of the modes and/or intensities that you need to get you there.

Flexible Silicone Material for that silky smooth luxurious feeling in your most intimate of areas.

Smart Compact Size that you can take anywhere and it also has a travel lock so it won’t go off for no reason when going on holidays or that weekend away. It also doesn’t look like your normal sex toy so you may feel more relaxed in having it in your hand luggage. It also has its own little bag to store it in.

Waterproof and USB Rechargeable just makes the G Vibe mini just perfect, no more batteries and fun in the shower./p>

check out the illustrations on all the ways to play and enjoy the G Vibe mini.


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