Eruption Male enhancement Pills

Product Description

ERUPTION - Natural Formula Performance Available in 

single capsule - 6 unit bottle or 12 unit bottle

Herbal supplement, natural formula, made in the USA.

1 tablet 35,000 mg

Ingredients Eruption Blend (2,450mg) and Slam Enhancement (7,550mg)

Eruption is a safe, all-natural sexual vitalizer that will BOOST your libido, endurance, and stamina in the bedroom. These tablets were carefully developed to produce the same effects as prescription erectile dysfunction pills, but without the potential for side effects, without the need for a prescription, and without costing the customer a fortune.

* Single Capsule

  • Sexual Vitality for Men
  • Increased Firmness of Erections 
  • Increased Orgasm Strength and Quality 
  • Increased Sexual Stamina 
  • Increased Intimacy and Pleasure
  • All Natural, Safe, and Effective
  • Does not contain Yohimbe

Take only 1 Eruption capsule for a solid erection within 15 minutes. Effects should last 36 to 72 hours depending on your body condition and metabolism. Effects are normally active only when stimulated.


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