Bodywand Wand Curve G8

Product Description
Leave all worries behind and immerse yourself into the pleasure. Bodywand Wand Plus Curve G8 Power Plug-In Vibrator got everything covered so you don’t have to think about anything else.

Made from soft, seamless silicone material, the Plus Curve feels great against the skin. Its curved shaft fills you and hits your g-spot every time. Add the focused deep vibrations and pleasure heaven is just within reach.

Explore the 8 vibration modes and figure out the one suited to your every mood. The Plus Curves’ one touch control dial makes it very easy to operate freeing your other hand for whatever else. The textured grip also makes for a nice handling of the device.

The Plus Rabbit is a plug-in vibrator so you never have to worry about running out of batteries. The cord is extra long too so you are free to explore different positions.

Key Features:

• Soft, seamless silicone material.
• Hypo-allergenic.
• 8 Vibration modes.
• Extremely focused deep vibrations.
• Ergonomic control dial.
• One touch mode control.
• Textured grip.
• Reinforced A/C plug.
• Extra long 8 feet (2.5 meter) cord.

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