Body Wand Vibe Station

Product Description

Body Wand vibrators offer no shortage of thrills in your hand, But if you want to take a hands-free ride you can opt to purchase the Body Wand Vibe Station.

This cushion is specifically designed to allow you to ride your body wand, while at the same time allowing your hands to explore your own body or that of your partner as you enjoy the vibrations running through your body. The comfortable cushion is both firm and soft, giving you support and comfort. Hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and clean, the Vibe Station is compatible with any Body Wand device that you have, from the mini versions to the original full size wands. They are all built with several different settings to choose from, from a gentle massage to a wild and more intense experience. You can simply plug your favourite wand into the cushion and turn it on, adjusting the settings as desired to give yourself a fully customizable and comfortable experience that you won't soon forget.


$74.99 $94.99

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