3 Piece Kegel Training Kit

Product Description

Created to help strengthen and revitalize muscles deep in the pelvic floor, the Inspire Collection's Kegel training Kit contains three distinctive pieces shaped for comfortable, mindful wear. Curvy and extra silky, each ergonomic exerciser offers a unique weight raging from 40 up to 80 grams, allowing for a gradual increase.
Naturally toning the female pelvic muscles responsible for sexual pleasure and control, regular use of the Kegel training Kit also helps pinpoint the movements needed to practice kegels unaided. The pelvic floor will need to be tightened and flexed to keep the trainer in place- the heavier the weight, the more intense the effect.
In 40g (1.4oz), 60g (2.1g) and 80g (2.8oz), each Training Kit piece is finished by a nice long tail secured to the body of the exerciser. Keep the tail end outside the body during wear for easy removal.
Coated fully in smooth pink premium silicone, each Exerciser warms quickly to meet body temperature, adding a hint of natural heat to the pleasure mix. Extremely hygienic and 100% body safe, the hypoallergenic surfaces clean easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care product compatible with any great quality water based lubricant.


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